Photography Contest Prize

My photography won the prize of first place winner in the contest of Thephotographicangle.

The subject of the contest was Patchwork.

Thanks alot for thephotographic angle team, I recieved my award that is the book “Year in Focus 2015” by gettyimage. Reciving the present made me fly out of joy.




Children’s Newsletter used one of my fonts for title

As I wrote my book, I noticed the graphic designer , M. Hosseini, has worked on some Persian alphabet letter design on paper.
I was so amused so I started learning to implementing fonts and glyphs and I made a computer font out of that design “Refaghat” , and later I noticed many websites and also a newspaper for children called “Docharkeh” used that font.



Joined Campaign: I am a designer

And I joined the “I am a designer” campaign

It is a campaign about how to make a social awareness of the jobs of designers and their spritual and financial rights.

I enjoyed attending the presentation of a lawyer about how to register artworks and make contracts.


Prize for Graphic Design

Today I was guest of ISP company for lunch, in fact it was a surprise, I didn’t expected that yummy lunch with them.

I had sent two posters for advertisement with focus on high-speed services, seems the jury was a fan of physics they chose my design that was dealing with light speed. img_2208